Pawna Lake Camping For Couples

Pawna Lake Camping For Couples

Are you looking for a stress-free tourist destination along with your partner? Here we offer the safest and most adventurous campsite for couples i.e. Pawna Lake.

A chary and peaceful location is the top priority destination for couples. Pawna lake camping for couples is one of the secure and couples-friendly campsite in Lonavala. The best camping experience for couples at just Rs. 2499/-. You can live safe and memorable camping experience A safe and leisure camping area provides an unforgettable camping near Pune & Mumbai for married and unmarried couples. The romantic couple’s gateway destination is provided with a tight security and management team.

A couple desires a timid and steady atmosphere, hence it is a perfect destination for a romantic evening. Pawna lake camping for couples offers great peace of mind and you can visit with your loved ones to enjoy your peaceful time together.

Pawna lake is located near Lonavala between Mumbai and Pune. You can reach there by train or your transportation. The authorities provide a watchful and robust security team for 24*7 in all campsites. They ensure the complete safety of the tourists. The camping sites have distinct segments for couples. It is a unique destination for couples and the camping areas are located at various locations around the lake

The campsite is blessed with nature’s bliss. The location is absolutely enticing for couples and displays the enormous beauty of mother nature. The recreational activities add to the enjoyment for couples.

Pawna lake camping for couples offers Bbq, couples tent, snacks, and leisure activities including dinner and music for couples at reasonable prices. You can contact us to book the campsite and enjoy the trip without any hassle.

Pawna Camping For Couples Packages and Rates

Both of these Pawna Lakeside Camping for Couples & Family packages include tent stay, bedding, pillows, life-jackets, dinner and breakfast for travellers availing them. All Pawna Lake Luxury Camping for couples packages with Book My Adventures include welcome tea and snacks. Whether you book the Pawna lake tent house package or Pawna Lake stay package for a cottage, they include stay, live music, campfire and games!

Premium Cottage for Couples Regular Camping for Couples
Rs. 4999/- for Couple Rs. 2499/- for Couple
Check in - 04:00:00 pm.Check out - 11:00:00 am next day. Check in - 04:00:00 pm.Check out - 11:00:00 am next day.
Welcome Tea & Snacks Welcome Tea & Snacks
Limited BBQ (Veg/Nov-Veg) 250g/Person Limited BBQ (Veg/Nov-Veg) 250g/Person
Unlimited Dinner (Veg/Nov-Veg) Unlimited Dinner (Veg/Nov-Veg)
Breakfast Breakfast
Sports - Cricket, Vollyball, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Badmiton, Chess, Carrom, Dart Sports - Cricket, Vollyball, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Badmiton, Chess, Carrom, Dart
Boating - Peddale / Kayaking (15 Min/PP) -
Music with Campfire Music with Campfire
Washroom Attached -
Treak On Hill With Guide Treak On Hill With Guide

Pawna Lake Camping For Couples Facilities Available

  • Best Quality Tents
  • Secure and Safe Camping for couples
  • Separate section for Couple, Family, and Group
  • Free parking at the campsite
  • Evening Snacks (Hot Pakoda + Hot Tea)
  • Sports activities (cricket, football, volleyball, dart game, archery, badminton, carrom)
  • (Veg/non-Veg) Barbeque (250g per people)
  • (Veg/non-Veg) Unlimited dinner
  • Dining with Sunrise & Sunset view
  • Music system
  • Second-day Morning Break-fast
  • 6 Common Western Toilet available at the campsite
  • Pay only ₹ 500/per person or children to book the tent and remaining payment while check-in
  • Secure Pawna Camping for Couples - Schedule

    Timings Activity

    Day 1

    4 pm Check-in and grab your tents
    5 - 5:30 pm Refreshment
    5:30 - 6:30 pm Games
    6:30 pm Sunset
    7 - 8 pm BBQ
    8 pm Music & Dance
    9 - 9: 30 pm Camp fire
    9:30 - 11 pm Dinner
    11 pm Sleep time

    Timings Activity

    Day 2

    7 am Tea/coffee
    8- 9 am Breakfast
    9 am Photo session
    11 am Checkout

    Couple Camping Frequently Asked Questions

    Que 1. What are the activities and games available at Pawna lake camping for couples?

    Ans. Indoor games available are - Chess, cards, archery, carrom. Outdoor games - Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Shooting, Archery, and Rifle. Other activities - Campfire, Music, Swimming, Tent Camping.

    Que 2. What are the amenities available at Pawna Lake camping for couples?

    Ans. Couples can enjoy mountain views, parking, and tent stays. The other amenities available are toilet & bathroom, bed & pillow, tea & breakfast, free parking, couples section, first Aid Kit, charging points, mineral water, 24-hour security, and quality tents.

    Que 3. What are the necessary things couples must carry for Pawna Lake Camping?

    Ans. Requisites for Pawna Lake camping are a torch, personal medicines, footwear, an umbrella for monsoons, and warm clothes for winters.

    Que 4. How safe is the Pawna Lake camping for couples?

    Ans. . It is completely safe for couples as the camping authorities have a strict security and management team. They provide a security guard at all campsites.

    Que 5. What is the best time to enjoy Pawna Lake camping for couples?

    Ans. The best time to visit Pawna lake is June to December. Couples can enjoy the striking evening view during summers

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